Classic Game Fest is excited to have Intellivision Productions, Inc. President, Keith Robinson and the Intellivision programming team, The Blue Sky Rangers, as Special Guests of Classic Game Fest 2016!

Keith Robinson has spent over 30 years dedicated to promoting the fun and history of classic video games.  He was originally part of one of the first programming teams at Mattel Electronics –  The Blue Sky Rangers.  There he developed the Intellivoice game TRON Solar Sailer before moving into a supervisory role where he oversaw the development and created the packaging for Thin Ice, Hover Force, and Shark!Shark!.  Robinson was part of the immense growth of the video game industry in the early 80’s, and he was with Intellivision during it’s heyday.  Remember the old George Plimpton ads?  Intellivision even had the world’s first major video game competition with the Astrosmash Shootoff.  But, the video game industry was in for a rude awakening when the industry crashed in 1984.  Intellivision would live on under a new owner, and Robinson and the Blue Sky Rangers would continue to make games until 1991 when INTV Corporation went out of business.

Keith is an accomplished artist and designed many of the Intellivision game packages.  He also created a cartoon strip in the mid-80’s called Making It that got picked up for national syndication and soon brought him back into the video game industry.  EA licensed Making It as the basis of a 1994 Sega Genesis game titled Normy’s Beach Babe-O-Rama.

In 1995, Robinson would create a website dedicated to his days at Intellivision and received massive support.  This prompted Keith to partner with fellow Blue Sky Rangers programmer, Stephen Roney, to establish Intellivision Productions, Inc. and obtained the rights to Intellivision to publish game compilations for modern consoles.  Today, Keith and the Blue Sky Rangers continue to promote the fun and history of classic video games.

See Keith Robinson, the Blue Sky Rangers, more special guests, various vendors, cosplay, tournaments, free play arcades, and so much more at Classic Game Fest on July 30-31 at the Palmer Event Center in Austin, TX.