The Cosplay Contest will be held at 3pm on Sunday 7/30 and hosted by cosplayer and game dev, Kay Lynn Syrin.

Cosplay Contest Info:
Cosplay contest will take place at 3pm Sunday on the panel stage; participates must be in attendance and lined up 15 minutes prior to the contest. Sign up is located at Costume Contest signup booth #401 and is required to participate in the cosplay contest.

 Additional rules and details are as followed:

  • ALL cosplays must be video game related and family friendly. (up to judges discretion)
  • ALL contestants MUST sign up at Kay Lynn Syrin’s booth #401 prior to the cosplay contest. Contestant may choose to do a walk-on only presentation or compete but pre-judging is required at the time of sign up.
  • Contestants that have not attended pre-judging will not be eligible to compete in contest but still allowed to participate as a walk on presentation.
  • Contestants can sign up in either two categories- Kids or Adults/Pro. Judges may ask to bump a contestant from kids to pro category at the time of pre-judging. Adults may not compete in kid’s contest but may walk on and assist with a child’s presentation.
  • Judging will be based on craftsmanship, creativity, costuming experience, past rewards for the costume, and stage presentation.
  • Pre-judging will analyze costume’s materials, creation process, craftsmanship and cosplayer’s details.
  • ALL skits/stage presence MUST to be family friendly and safe. No crude behaviors, running, jumping, or climbing on stage, or insinuating illegal activities.
  • Weapons – both real and prop – are banned from the convention center.
  • There will be first and second place winners as well as judges awards for each category – kids and adults. Rewards may be present at the time of the contest or give after the contest at judge’s booth #401
  • All contestants MUST appear and line up 15 minutes BEFORE the start of the contest at the side of the stage in order of contestant number given during the sign up process. Any contestants missing during the lineup/pre-contest setup time will be forfeited from the contest.

Classic Game Fest’s Cosplay Contest is meant to be fun, interactive, and supportive to all the hard work that goes into cosplay. We want to thank each and every participant and remind everyone that cosplay is for everyone! Anyone discriminating, discouraging, or harming any cosplayer or costume will be asked to leave the contest. Thank you!