Classic Game Fest Costume/Cosplay Contest Rules

CGF2019 – COSTUME CONTEST – SUNDAY, JULY 28 at 2:00pm – hosted by STINA GLITTERS

Official Rules and Info

1. ALL cosplays must originate from a video (or arcade) game to be considered to win anything
other than Judges Choice. Comic, movie and TV characters can walk the stage and be considered
for judges’ choice but will NOT be considered to win 1st or 2nd place. Costumes that have
previously placed 1st or 2nd in any other convention contest may not be entered to win.
Dishonesty about this will result in ability to compete in the future at this convention.

2. ALL contestants MUST sign up at the cosplay booth (#719) prior to the cosplay contest (all day
Sat, and up to 12noon on Sunday). Contestants may choose to do a walk-on only presentation or
compete but pre-judging is required at the time of sign up.

3. At pre-judging everyone will get a card with their name and assigned number on it. You must
keep track of this card as it is your ticket into the contest. 30 minutes before the contest starts
you must line up by number in the assigned area. Before walking on stage you will hand your
card to the stage hand so you can be announced and accounted for. All contestants not present
and in line before the contest starts forfeits their entry.

4. Contestants that have not attended pre-judging will not be eligible to compete in contest but
still allowed to participate as a walk on presentation.

5. Contestants can sign up in either two categories- Kids or Adults/Pro. Judges may ask to bump a
contestant from kids to pro category at the time of pre-judging. Adults may not compete in kid’s
contest but may walk on and assist with a child’s presentation.

6. Judging will be done based on a point based system. There are 4 judging categories, each
category has a maximum score of 5 points (maximum total score of 20 points). Contestants will
NOT know their score, this is for judges only. Each judge will rate each contestant separately and
scores will be tallied during the judges’ decision portion of the cosplay contest.

Judging Criteria:
Overall appearance and execution of the costume
Stage Performance
How much of the costume was self-made/Craftsmanship
Functionality: Can they see, walk, move well, how well does the costume hold together

7. Pre-judging will analyze costume’s materials, creation process, craftsmanship and cosplayer’s

8. ALL skits/stage presence MUST to be family friendly and safe. No crude behaviors, running,
jumping, contact fights (physical or with props), climbing on stage, or insinuating illegal
activities. No special effects such as pyrotechnics or water usage allowed.

9. There is absolutely ZERO tolerance for ANY weapons inside the convention center (live, real, or
prop weapons are ALL prohibited!). If you have a question about a prop please check with
security before bringing it into the building.

10. There will be first and second place winners as well as judges’ awards for each category – kids
and adults. Rewards may be present at the time of the contest or give after the contest at
judge’s booth

Classic Game Fest’s Cosplay Contest is meant to be fun, interactive, and supportive to all the hard
work that goes into cosplay. We want to thank each and every participant and remind everyone that
cosplay is for everyone! Anyone discriminating, discouraging, or harming any cosplayer or costume
will be asked to leave the contest. Thank you!