Get Ready For Competition!

Several tournament are scheduled for both days of Classic Game Fest! Start training now!

Be one of the first to play 16-player LAN Mario Kart Double Dash in High Definition! EON Gaming created the GCHD adapter that makes GameCube games in HD possible! EON Gaming will also have casual Super Smash Bros. Melee play in HD too.

Extra Terrible will have unique “This Controller Sucks” challenges featuring a giant joystick and light gun games.

Fighting game fans, work on your footsies and cross-ups in preparation for Street Fighter Alpha 2 and Virtua Fighter 4 tournaments hosted by The Analogarhythm Project.

Retro PC/Mac fans prepare for Deathmatches in classics Quake and Duke Nukem 3D hosted by ZTEX Computers.

Check out the tournament schedule below.