Women of Game Development Panel Hosted by Kay Lynn Syrin

Special Guest Panels kick off on Saturday, July 28th at 1:30 pm with the Women in Game Development Panel hosted by game developer, Kay Lynn Syrin. Kay Lynn returns to CGF to discuss game development with several other women from the video game industry.

The following panelists will participate in the Women in Game Development Panel:

Kay Lynn Syrin -  Client Engineer: With a degree in both Game Programming and Game Production, she has worked at several game and software companies as a mobile/client software engineer for the past 7 years. Kay has released 15 different titles on the app store, taught a game design camp for kids and been apart of Northwest Vista’s Advisory Committee Board for the Game Development program.

Jeadyn Draper – Server Engineer: Jeadyn has been working in the game industry for 7 years. In her time, she’s worked on a number of game titles, ranging from small MMOs (Imperium: Galactic War) to large-scale AAA titles (Star Wars: The Old Republic, Mass Effect). She works as a programmer, specializing in networking and server technology. She also acts as creative director of her newly-formed indie studio, Sleeping Cat Games, where she’s working on another unannounced project to be revealed in the coming months.

Caryn Wicke – QA Engineer and Artist: She got her start in the industry as a Game Production Artist after receiving a technical degree in Visual Arts and Communication in 2011. After a few years, she transitioned to the QA department at a software development company and worked her way up to management. She eventually found her home back in video games doing QA.

Logynn Hailley – Artist and Project Manager: Professional artist since 1996. One of only three original mobile slot game artists for the interactive division of Scientific Games.

Eva Tran – Artist and QA Tester: Started off as a QA Tester back on the PS2/Wii-era of games and then got a degree in Video Game Art at SMU Guildhall in Dallas. She has been an artist at various small studios and have worked on everything from Flash games to MMOs on mobile.

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