Classic Game Fest Vendor Set Up/Tear Down Schedule


Click HERE for the Palmer Event Center Exhibitor Service/Utility Info Packet.

Friday, July 26th from 3-8pm. The site will lock down this year at 8pm sharp, so please don’t show up at 7:59 and
expect to unload all night long (believe it or not, that happens!)…it is up to you to make the arrangements needed to get
there in plenty of time BEFORE 8pm Friday to setup. Please allow extra time for extra Friday afternoon rush hour traffic!
Saturday, July 27th from 7-9am. This is the “LAST CALL” to setup, apply finishing touches to your booth and get ready to
roll when the doors open at 10am (9am for VIPs!). At 8:30am sharp, the loading bay (the big garage doors) will be shut.
Anyone else still unloading must then use the regular doors to get their merch inside. Unless you have a TINY booth
presence with little or no merch, please do NOT wait until Saturday morning to set up your entire booth!

The best way to get into the service yard to load in/out is to be coming
from the east and going westbound on Barton Springs road. Then, you will see a little opening in the middle of the
parking garage with signage that says “SERVICE YARD ENTRANCE” – it’s like a secret tunnel! – Please turn and go in
through there! You will pull up to the gates, and the crew will direct you to the main Hall 1 & 2 dock doors to
unload/load. You are welcome to park in that lot during the event as space allows for FREE, plus you can leave big
vans/trucks there all weekend too, but once that lot fills up, the garage parking is $8/day.

Vendor Check In– Head into Hall 1 and turn left and proceed to the front of Hall 1, and look for the “Classic Game Fest”
booth for vendor check in. There you will get your booth assignment, wristbands, and other info.
*WARNING! The VIP wristband attendees get in and CGF DOORS OPEN at 9AM on Saturday!!
All setup must be complete and you must be AT YOUR BOOTH and ready to rock by 9am sharp. If you are not at your
booth and setup by 9am Saturday, your booth will be considered “abandoned” and your company a “no show”, and our
CGF crew will resell it to another vendor on our waiting list, and you will NOT get a refund.

Saturday, July 27th – both vendor halls – 10am-7pm (9am for VIPs!)

Sunday, July 28th – both vendor halls – 10am-5pm
(you MUST have someone to staff your booth at all times during show hours)

Sunday, July 28th – 5pm-8pm. Dock doors will open at 5pm, and load out will begin on a first come, first served basis
from 5-8pm. ALL vendors, guests, exhibitors, artists, – basically everything – must be out by no later than 8pm sharp.
This time is not flexible, so it is up to YOU to have enough staff on hand to help you get your booth taken down, packed
up, and loaded out by 8pm. The facility will lock down at 9pm for the night.
**WARNING**– Please do NOT pack up and leave early! That makes us ALL look bad when attendees see empty booths
on Sunday afternoon. You MUST remain at your booth until at least 5pm Sunday! Please report any empty booths prior
to 5pm Sunday to the front desk. Those vendors may be prohibited from coming back to CGF.