Classic Game Fest 2020 Officially Cancelled

Bad new, retro gamers, Classic Game Fest 2020 has been officially cancelled. We’re definitely disappointed, but we cannot hold an event of this scale at this time due to the pandemic, local Austin ordinances and to ensure the health and safety of all attendees, staff, volunteers, vendors, guests, bands, etc. Please read below to learn how we’re dealing with attendee passes and vendors booths.


  • Tickets already purchased for Classic Game Fest 2020 will automatically be rolled over into Classic Game Fest 2021 Passes on November 30, 2020.
  • REFUNDS are available for the cancelled date, but you MUST CONTACT BEFORE November 30, 2020 to request  a refund.
  • Any Classic Game Fest 2020 Passes purchased at Game Over Videogames stores CANNOT be returned to the store. Please email with a proof of purchase/receipt.


  • All Classic Game Fest 2020 Vendors MUST CONTACT to let the organizers know if they want to roll over their booth to the 2021 date and keep the 2020 pricing or request a refund. (NOTE: Booth placement for Classic Game Fest 2021 will be done based on when the organizers receive your official rollover request so don’t delay and email ASAP).
  • Vendors that made a utility or other booth upgrade payments directly to the Palmer Events Center will be refunded AUTOMATICALLY within 60 days.

Typically, Classic Game Fest has a no-refunds policy, but since the event has been cancelled, there is a one-time exception to the normal policy and refunds are available UNTIL NOVEMBER 30th. After that date, any remaining tickets, passes, wristbands and vendor booths will automatically be rolled over to Classic Game Fest 2021. No further refunds will be made after November 30, 2020. Please email with any questions.

Classic Game Fest will return on July 24-25, 2021!