Classic Game Fest 2023 Passes Pricing Update

Many of you have asked recently about prices going up for CGF and why the Black Friday discounts this year wasn’t the same as previous years….so to answer those questions, YES, it’s true that our prices have had to go up this year for CGF, and our Black Friday discounts were much smaller than previous years.

We’re very sorry about having to make those changes, but with inflation, higher rent/labor costs, etc. prices everywhere have shot up recently, as you all know, and for us to continue doing CGF as the premier retrogaming event that it is with over 10,000+ in attendance, we had to make some tough choices and raise our ticket prices a bit this time.

We did raise vendor booth prices last year, but we have not raised out ticket prices in several years due to covid and our efforts to always keep event pricing as low as possible.  Unfortunately, we could no longer afford to be one of the biggest retrogaming conventions in the US and one of the cheapest to attend…the math just doesn’t work.  Most other similar conventions have also raised prices recently as we are all facing those same cost increases.

The GOOD NEWS is that to make it easier on our most loyal fans and supporters, we are now doing tiered pricing which means if you buy EARLY, your tickets are cheaper…but the longer you wait to buy them, the prices go UP every few months as we approach the event.

In addition, even though CGF has grown to be a massive event, we still have over half of all attendees buying tickets at the door, and with over 10,000 attendees, that adds up to a LOT of people packed in long lines Saturday morning since paying at the door takes a lot more time to process for our staff.

This new tiered cost method will hopefully also help ease that burden a bit for all of us as we are trying hard to encourage and incentivize people to buy EARLY and pay ONLINE to make the entry process smoother.  We’ll also be experimenting with early wristband pickup at some Game Over Videogames store locations in early July to further ease some of those crazy long wait times to get into CGF on Saturday morning.

Thanks so much for understanding on this matter, and thanks for buying your tickets early!!  We continue to work hard to earn and deserve your support of Classic Game Fest, and we look forward to seeing you next summer at the biggest retrogaming event in Texas, and one of the best in the entire  country  – Classic Game Fest!



David Kaelin & the entire CGF Team