Every summer for the past 8 years, the retro gamers of Austin, TX have joined together to celebrate all things related to classic video games at CLASSIC GAME FEST. What began as a small retro game tournament and party at Game Over Videogames, CGF is now a full-size convention that stands tall all on its own. For CGF2015, this event will once again be held at the Palmer Events Center which includes over 25,000sf of classic video game fun for the whole family with an estimated attendance of over 6000+ gamers of all ages. As in years past, this year’s event includes a huge mix of video game bands, special industry guest speakers, costume contests, retro game tournaments, classic arcades set on free play, and of course, TONS of retro video games, systems, accessories, and related artwork for sale!

One of the main components (other than the games themselves! of Classic Game Fest is the MUSIC! Not just any bands are allowed to play at CGF… to play this show, your band has to have serious gamer/nerd cred. With live bands playing throughout the entire weekend, this may be the biggest single gamer musical event Austin has ever had, and it is certainly the biggest lineup of video game related bands/performers we’ve ever seen!

CGF2015 will include LIVE performances on the main stage from the following amazing gamer related bands/performers: Descendants of Erdrick, Creative Mind Frame / 1up, Tek Force, Codename Trigger Thumb, Gimmick – the video game band, the Returners, Doug Funnie, Atarimatt, Droidekka, Juice Lee, and Analog Stik.

For more info on special guests, announcements, vendor booths, or any other questions about CGF, please email info@classicgamefest.com.